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KIMA is a family-owned manufacturer of house-hold and institutional detergents, all types of soaps, personal care and medical supplies products. KIMA was founded in 1977 in Jordan and is licensed by the Ministry of Industry under the number 498.

Our products range spans almost all types of cleaners targeted for both home and institutional use, as well as personal care products and toiletries . The raw materials are carefully selected and purchased from the world’s leading suppliers, and are stored/handled in care to produce quality finished products at competitive prices.

KIMA markets its products under an umbrella of owned brands and strictly complies with Jordanian specifications. Moreover, KIMA provides private label manufacturing , where the customer can either choose to use KIMA’s unique formulations or use his very own formulas that are geared to his target market.

Since 2018, KIMA officially obtained the GMP certificate for cosmetics and medical supplies,  the certification is administered by and from the Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA).

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